About us

Funhouse Mirrors is a theatrical, suspenseful, and aggressively quirky brand of progressive rock! Started in a basement in 2019, their sound blends prog/art rock like Yes and Frank Zappa with influences like Radiohead and King Gizzard. Employing a blend of thought-provoking lyrics and outright silliness, the group performs all over the NYC Metro Area and beyond.

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After releasing their debut album Coloring Book in 2020, Funhouse Mirrors has been hard at work trying to one up themselves with each successive release. After releasing the absurd and prunky Braincell Slaughterhouse in 2022, followed by their fascinating singles Melting Mannequins and Schrodinger's Sexuality, the band went to work crafting their second studio album, Red Bird, released in 2024. Come see them wherever fine shows are offered!

Meet The Members

Johnny Weiner 


Guitars and Vocals

Bringing some much needed brain rot to the band, Johnny needs to be taken to a sensory deprivation chamber before he comes up with something that isn’t utterly insane or depressing. In the rare moment that he isn’t making Canterbury Scene or obscure Japanese prog his entire personality, he is instead making Björk or The Kinks his entire personality. Johnny provides a laid back and natural sound with his production, which is a professional departure from his manic personality. Show him an old camera or a 50 year old pair of pants, and he'll go apeshit. Laughs when showed unassuming images of random people. Plays tasty and clean, like gefilte fish.

Evan Sheppard 


Drums, Percussion, and Vocals

Evan’s musical taste was forged in the seventh ring of hell, somewhere in between John Cage and wherever Zappa ended up. If it wasn’t for the mediating nature of his bandmates, Evan would probably use the band’s money to hire a 40 piece orchestra to play random cacophonous notes. When he’s not foaming at the mouth about Gentle Giant, you can find him cheek drumming the William Tell Overture and making incredibly shitty puns. Wears cat ears and a tail on holidays, and is in a committed relationship with his stuffed animals.

Dan Centeno 


Keyboards and Vocals

High on a mountain within the Phish hinterlands was born a warrior known only by the moniker of SpazzyKeys. Destined for greatness, he was trained by the best and brightest in the disciplines of jazz and classical music, and was sent into the wider world to embark on an adventure that would surely make his homeland proud. Unfortunately for him, he made a wrong turn and ended up in Funhouse Mirrors. Now, he sits silently as his other bandmates do stupid bullshit, slowly becoming more and more corrupted by their asshattery.

Jackson Gray 


Bass and Vocals

How does one even describe Jackson? If they were a sandwich, they’d be a sloppy jessica. If they were a pair of shoes, they’d be crocs. Jackson is an embodiment of chaos in times of fun, an embodiment of order in times of business, and an embodiment of support in times of struggle. You know they’ve arrived if your driveway is shaking with the bottom 100 Hz tones of Swag Like Ohio. With a number of questionable tattoos, and muscles as beefy as their bass tones, it is no secret that Jackson’s raw swagger is integral to the success of any band as incomprehensible as Funhouse Mirrors.