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Braincell Slaughterhouse - single

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My aesthetic sells mob rule
Credit will be well
from the piercings on my forehead
Dress up like a doll from '08
and act like I will take down the state
but I'm just a pussy

Parents kicked me out
The debt was high from patching holes
But I'll get the clout
badly dancing to clips I stole
My true self repels
Hide behind a gothic shell
Mom I really skate it's not a phase

Dyeing neon bangs
so I'm getting more attention
Darken up my lips
So it shows my fake depression
Now let's all rebel in 4/4
I'm an anarchist
'cause I have the herb obsession

Smoking every stick
My heart is black why not my lungs
I can be a dick
It is cool since I like punk
I just split my tongue
Since that's a choice I won't regret
Braincell Slaughterhouse producing clowns

"Alright this next song..."
"Shut the fuck up, Damien!
"This next song is about how much the fucking government sucks because they fucking tell us what to do!" "Yeah! What do they do?"
"I don't know I'm not a fucking nerd!"

Septum piercing battle cry
I post all week on Twitter about how I want to die
Tear stain tattoos underneath my eye
Everything I wear is black 'cause I think it's fly

My skin, has pins, outside, within

This whole world has gone to shit
I cry about establishment but I'm a part of it
What causes things I lack a hunch
Kids are still in cages but hey it's time for brunch

I'm in, a cage, of mods, and paint
My life is so bad

"I'm sad!"

When I'm in the pit
I get different boots to lick on
Let's go eat the rich
worded on my trendy t-shirt
Buying all the merch
will crush systems of oppression
I browse r/punk

About Braincell Slaughterhouse

Braincell Slaughterhouse satirizes punk music and culture. It is our third single and was released on February 18, 2022.