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I have to keep reeling
Through things they deploy
To force feed enjoyment
I never fantasize
I am de-humorized
And I can't get it
Out of my head

Abusing the loopholes
To showcase my life
Since I can't avoid it
Details are all around
Can never water down
So I can't get a
Grasp off of it

There's never a place to go
I'm never out of their reach
There's always a thing to do,
That gives my life a breach
Connected to the cloud
To flavor my deceit
But they know
When your show's
Not on

About Loophole

Loophole is about not being able to represent who you truly are to the world due to fear of judgment, so you feel the need to conform to their ways of life. You feel too insecure to give people the big picture of your life so the only way to truly express yourself is by using loopholes to the rules of the social climate. It also talks about exaggerating your quality of life on social media due to the insecurities.


Johnny - lead vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Chris - bass, backing vocals
Dan - keyboards (synth, organ)
Evan - drums, backing vocals

Music and Lyrics written by Johnny