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Deleted Rebel

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There is now nothing left to hide
They don’t remember
I gazed my closest in the eyes
Not a defender

Pushing back agains’t the flow
Beside a crowd that had my back
They did not like it
But still the word was out
They had to wipe out more than us
To bring the silence
So it was done

Deleted presence
From all the news
They’re burning everything
Have tech to stop the ring
You’re bent down

Escaped the wrath of their confined
Caged isolation
Expected to step foot in a
Less blinded nation

Nobody knows my name
All of my friends have been killed off
Or been reprogrammed
My photos all are gone
My family don’t have a clue
I should just go back
It’s just the same

Deleted presence
From your mind
They’re burning everything
Have camps to stop the ring
You’re bent down

Turn off, you can not soak up deceit
Turn off, you can not soak up deceit

I watched people, friends, and freedom
Slowly slip away
Can’t believe I had the luck to
Flee their death array

My existence left resistant
To stall counter clash
People killed to bring repeal
To knowledge of concepts

I know there’s some who still hold on
That won’t admit it
I hope that one day you’ll unite
And gut the unit

But you don’t see the sign
That I’ve been loose for the past month
So you won’t do it
I could take back my throne
It would unmask for where to hunt
I’ll take the bullet, what’s there to lose

Deleted presence
But I’ll remind
They’ve burnt everything
But I’ll restart the ring
They bent down

About Deleted Rebel

Deleted Rebel is about an activist/revolutionary who is targeted by an totalitarian government who wipes out all traces of his existence. All mentions of him in records, photos, and otherwise are destroyed. People who knew him are sent to re-education camps to be hypnotized into forgetting of his existence. Despite this, he does not give up.


Johnny - lead vocals, guitars
Chris - bass
Dan - keyboards (organ, piano, strings), backing vocals
Evan - drums

Music and Lyrics written by Johnny, with string arrangements written by Dan